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Up-Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor (UASBR):-


Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) is the most widely used high rate anaerobic system for anaerobic sewage treatment.

Working Principle:-

The influent is introduced at the bottom. It passes through blanket of the sludge before leaving the reactor. The sludge blanket mainly consists of inorganic particle with anaerobic bio-mass grown around it. Sludge blanket acts as a filter and helps in removing suspended solids. COD reduction takes by substrate reduction by bio-mass.

Primary sedimentation is not required prior to UASB as inorganic particles itself are used as media in blanket formation. The treated wastewater is collected at the top of reactor. Bio-gas produced during the degradation is collected at top.


  • Biological treatment of wastewater with low to very high strength of wastewater
  • Sewage treatment for medium to large towns/ cities.
  • Treatment of distillery spent wash / pulp mill black liquor.


  • No energy requirement for aeration or mixing .
  • Energy production by means of biogas.
  • Low cost of operation and maintenance.
  • The energy requirement in the UASB reactor is very low.
  • UASB system generates energy in the form of bio gas which can be used for the production of electricity and which can make UASB plants self sustaining for power requirement.
  • This system reduces the space requirement, which is a big advantage for developing cities.
  • The production of excess sludge in a UASB reactor is very low. This reduces the load on the sludge treatment system. However, the sludge from UASB plant is very stabilized and can be used as manure.
  • Final polishing pond can be used for fish culture, which can be source of revenue.